Excuses, Excuses

September 2, 2013 § 1 Comment

I have about ten different unpublished drafts hanging out in the backstage of my blog. They all start with an excuse, of where the heck I am and what I’m doing. The weather was pretty darn nice, but I apparently didn’t even make time to post merely one of ten excuses. This has created Big Ole Guilt Trip, which continues to burn a hole in my big blogger heart.  B.O.G.T.  follows me on sunny, crisp Saturday mornings, when I know I could set out, make an irresistibly oozy and buttery biscuited blueberry cobbler. Or, when fresh donut peaches stare at me, and ask me to take them home (and I don’t) – B.O.G.T trails just behind me in the bike lane, my whole way home.

But summer life (nights out, good books, bikes, lobster, sunny beaches, work work work, wine wine wine… plenty of cozy dinners) happened in full force, and grabbing a camera went down in my list of priorities. (Don’t tell you know who.)


Just know though, this (Four Seas Ice Cream, perfect, luscious,  choc. chip ice cream, marshmallow sauce, two spoons) sundae did happen. And I did spend two and a half wonderful weeks with family back home in the U.S. I have learned A LOT of dansk. I have worked raaahther hard at work.  And I did have a pretty dang good time taking a break from the The Second Serving. That hurts both me to say and you to hear, but the  feel-good conclusion is coming. There have been pressing thoughts about kitchen adventures –  and B.O.G.T existed for an important reason. Me and this little virtual space here, we ain’t finished yet.

Stay tuned – I am ready to recommit!

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