A New York State of Mind

July 17, 2014 § 3 Comments

Blueberries and yogurt, a copy of The Kinfolk Table, and 8 A.M sun. This is vacation. Together with Alexander, we’ve found ourselves in New York City after a quick eight hour flight from Copenhagen, here to visit friends before heading to Boston. And New York is quite the city. We decided to try to blend in and find an apartment in Chelsea, with hopes of  avoiding the restrictive nature of an air conditioned hotel room. And that we did! Jesus, it’s nice. I’m in love with the flowered ceiling moldings, her old and loved furniture, mix matched decor, and this sunny terrace lined with a little city garden. Although, it’s a strange to wake up in someone else’s apartment – filled with picture frames, chalk board reminders, and favorite books – I feel so comforted by entering the modest front door with a key, and blending in to this American city.

Could I live her? I really don’t know. Everyone is so unpredictable, which scares me. You never really know what or who you’re going to turn the corner to find. But I like that everyone walks with intention and a plan – and it’s like there are millions of lives happening in this one city, and everyone, squished in like sardines – and sort of just existing. Though I’ve found that you always catch tidbits of other peoples’ lives when passing by, at coffee shops, and while eating breakfast side-by-side. I love hearing these, and then imagining the full stories hiding behind these short exclamations – the ‘blast from the past boy,’ the ‘unprofessional behavior at the office,’ and the ‘bike trip across brooklyn bridge.’

We’re really all so similar, and for some reason New York City brings that home for me – even as a place with such intense diversity, across ethnicity, race, socioeconomic background, sexuality, language, occupation, etc., etc.

I have no idea why I felt compelled to write this morning. I’m nearing a year of being away from my blog. And although I always seem to feel a pang of guilt about this (as many friends and family have reminded me!)… Admittedly, it’s kind of nice to return here and write without any agenda, recipe, or plan.

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